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NAR Solutions Tax Lien Purchasing Programs

A trusted partner is critical when it comes to ensuring that your budgetary and transactional requirements are met.  Established in 1996, our philosophy is to establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. 

NAR Solutions recognizes the challenges that local governments face when monetizing tax delinquencies (reconciliations, taxpayer inquiries, public relations matters, etc.) and we work closely with our clients to address each matter in a professional and timely fashion.

Accelerate Revenues

The sale of property tax delinquencies allows local government agencies to convert these non-performing assets into immediate revenue.

Positive constituent relationships

Taxpayer questions and concerns are answered in a straightforward and respectful manner.  Each time…every time.

Experience Matters

NAR Solutions has been purchasing and managing property tax liens since 1996.  Having acquired assets in a dozen states, we have the expertise and technical knowledge necessary to seamlessly transact with new clients.