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NAR Solutions works with local governments to acquire, manage and collect amounts related to municipal tax liens and delinquent property taxes.

Why is there a lien on my property?

Generally, in accordance with governing local statutes, a lien is placed upon a property when the property tax amount due is not satisfied in the appropriate timeframe.

Why do I owe my tax amount to a third party?

Your local government, in accordance with its established practices and statutes, has sold and/or assigned its rights in certain tax liens to NAR Solutions.

Who can I call if I have questions?

NAR Solutions is happy to discuss your specific circumstances.  We can be reached at (402) 321-5982 during normal business hours.


Answers provided to “Frequently Asked Questions” are provided as a general guide and are intended solely as a convenience to interested parties. You are urged to consult with professional advisors (such as accountants and/or attorneys) who can best provide answers to your specific questions and unique circumstances.